Wednesday, August 4, 2010

MSNBC...and beyond!

I sound like Buzz Lightyear.

Anyway.  Wow - this past week has been exciting and overwhelming and motivating and busy, all at the same time!  Each time I check my email, the average has been about 63 emails (I check my email about every 2-3 hours).  This is because of the support that has been pouring into my mailbox from people around the country who have seen the MSNBC video (I edited that post below to include a bit about the experience) as it has been posted on many many blogs and websites. The comments overall have been positive and supportive.  I think a few extra people are going to be tuning in to Miss America this year, and I hope I can make them all proud.  Thank you ALL for posting and sharing this video, supporting it, and for your messages of encouragement.

Last week, I did an interview with actually before the television interview, but it was posted yesterday.  It was one of my favorite articles thus far.  Read it HERE.

Also did a write up.  You can read it HERE.  It's neat to see this writer's reaction from someone who has been in pageants and has a bit more insight to the Miss America Organization.

Last night, I went to the GLAAD Manhattan Event where I was an Honorary Host.  And who did I run into?  Thomas Roberts (who did my MSNBC Interview).  I hear "Claire?"  I turned and did a double-take. "Thomas!?"  I'm not used to this concept that people know who I am...Sahara Davenport from Ru Paul's Drag Race, among others, wanted a photo with me. What?  I also got to meet Johnny Weir - he didn't ask for a photo of me, but you better bet Leigh-Taylor and I asked for one with him!

I'm meeting with Jody Huckaby, the executive director of PFLAG National and the national Straight for Equality organization.  (I found them after I named my platform) Excited to see what partnerships we can foster.

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  1. hey girl!! it is me Felicia!! I am so excited that you are doing some sweet appearences and are being a positive role model. This is going to be a good year for you! I am also so jealous that you met some of the ladies from Ru Paul's drag race! I love that show!!