Friday, January 27, 2012

Since June…Where’s Claire?

After Miss New York, I traveled for about six weeks, doing just a few things:
  • Photographed Miss Virginia week
  • Special guest at Miss North Carolina
  •  Judge at Miss Arkansas’ Outstanding Teen
  •  Was accepted to Georgetown University for my Master’s (hello…moving…ah!)
  •  Spent time as a sister/daughter/friend in Indianapolis
  •  Bridesmaid in Hannah (Wright) Neeleman’s wedding (2nd RU NY ’10, ‘11)
  •  Moved to Washington, DC for grad school
  •  Bridesmaid in Ashley (Casterline) Schacht’s wedding (3rd RU IN ’08, 4th RU ’09, 2nd RU ’11)
  •  Bridesmaid in Hannah (Buffie) Dale’s wedding (little sister!!!)
  •  Settled in grad school at Georgetown studying Public Relations and Corporate communications
  •  PFLAG NYC Fall Dinner
  •  Spoke at Out & Equal in Dallas, TX with UBS
  •  Named UBS Pride Americas Advocate of the Year 

So yeah! I’ve been a little busy! It’s been such a great experience post-Miss New York. The bridesmaid thing shows you how the women in this organization become your best friends (Hannah W. and Ashley were my 4th and 5th pageant brides). After much needed family time, I jumped right back into the busy lifestyle that I do best in, just this time in Washington, DC where I’m using my $16,000 in scholarship money at Georgetown. School is fantastic—it truly is a perfect extension of the work I did last year in marketing, brand development and social media—and definitely challenging, but so worth it. I’ll graduate in December 2012 or May 2013 with a Master’s in Public Relations and Corporate Communications. (Shout out to Kaitlin Davis for introducing the program to me!)

I’m still photographing A LOT through my own business ( dabbling in event planning with Paradigm Event Management through Teri Galvez (Miss DC Exec Director). I’m undergoing new website development and expanding my business a bit to include some of the marketing and public relations skills I’m developing in class. Toying around with Clarity Branding by Claire Buffie.

And I’m enjoying lots of time with my Miss America sisters who are here in DC – Miss DC Steph Williams, VA Katie Uze, TX Ashley Melnick, DE Kayla Martell! Love being here with them—so lucky!

After holidays with my family and my very handsome man in Indianapolis (plus a trip to the Dominican Republic-yay!) and an awesome trip to Miss America 2012, I’m back in school for my second semester at Georgetown. I hope you are off to a wonderful start in 2012!

* * *
Since I have finally put up my farewell video that I wanted to share with you all and celebrated Miss America one year later, this will most likely be my final blog post. I want to once again express my deepest and sincere thanks for the support you have given me throughout my year as Miss New York, our fight for equality, and continued encouragement following. I’ll keep fighting if you promise to keep fighting. Peace.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Miss America 2012

Wow!! What a week (err…few days)!?! I’m just going to jump right in and say 

CONGRATULATIONS to Kaitlin Monte, Miss New York, 
2nd Runner Up to Miss America 2012! 

I arrived in Vegas on Thursday in time to visit with tons of friends and finally see the Miss New York board again—it had been too long.  I loved walking through the casino, spotting contestants going to rehearsal, seeing people from so many different states who have been such supportive friends of both the organization, and me and of course, turning the corner and seeing MY Miss America girls. 

I had quite a few nostalgic moments, but perhaps none that compared to arriving to the Planet Hollywood, having just missed the girls in rehearsal, to find the PH theatre empty, black, but with the Miss America stage lit up. I was the only one in the auditorium and it.was.awesome. Then my stomach turned to knots.

Thursday prelims, with amazing seats with Paul and Kenny on either side was a blast and to top it off, Kaitlin won swimsuit!! So incredibly exciting!  I got to see Teresa after the show and she really looked great.  Hearing her speak on stage, and afterwards in person, I was so happy to recognize her growth throughout the year. She really did make our class proud.

Friday, we lazed around all day in our awesomely ridiculous Miss A 2011 suite with Miss CA Arianna Afsar, VA Katie Uze, NV Cris Crotz and AZ Katy Bulkley with visits from OK Emoly West and WI Kim Sawyer. We had so much fun at our formers dinner, sponsored by TMG Pageant Network, where 13 of us had a fantastic dinner at LAVO in the Palazzo (the only time I left Planet Hollywood haha). Afterwards, we went to a reception for Teresa where we developed our inside “cupcake” joke that Teresa was able to carry out on stage on the live broadcast as her cued shout out to our class J Then it was back to the suite for all sorts of fun with our class, boyfriends and fianc├ęs and friends!

Saturday, we had another reunion lunch (we’re obsessed with each other), and then headed off to the show. It all felt normal until we walked backstage through the hotel in the same hallway I stood in after the pageant last year, awaiting the announcement of our class into visitation. Cue chills. Throughout the show, I was so proud to cheer on so many friends, old and new, and in sitting with VA, CA, AZ from last year, all of our girls made it in Top 15 and 3 of our girls into the Top 5!

Kaitlin did a fantastic job throughout the entire show, and overall, the Top 15 was just so incredibly solid with one of the most beautiful Top 5s I have ever seen.  I got a cute text from my sister saying “Team Betty” referring to the 1st RU Miss Oklahoma, whose Irish Step Dancing talent brought the house to their feet.  Kaitlin was so great after the show in visitation, coming away with $21,000 in scholarships, and with the right attitude of excitement to return to New York and continue the amazing work she has done.  As much as we would have LOVED for her to win Miss America, we sure are lucky to keep her in New York! 

Miss America 2012, Laura Kaeppler, from Wisconsin is a stunning beauty and talented singer with a motivating story and platform that will tie in so well with Miss America’s strong initiatives of emphasizing education. According to Cris Crotz, Miss NV 2011 who was in the press conference, “She’s just COOOL,” and Kim Sawyer, Miss WI 2011 (to whom Laura was 2nd RU last year) vouches that Laura is going to be an amazing Miss America, with a great head on her shoulders and humility to keep it all in perspective.  Huge congratulations to Laura, Wisconsin, and the Miss America Organization!!

Some of the results:
Miss DC Ashley Boalch – Non-Finalist Interview
Miss HI Lauren Cheape – Prelim Talent, NF Talent, Quality of Life Finalist
Miss KY Ann-Blair Thornton – Quality of Life Winner
Miss NE Kayla Batt – NF Talent, Miss Congeniality
Miss OH Ellen Bryan – Quality of Life Finalist, raised over $35,000 for CMN
Miss UT Danica Olsen – Prelim Swimsuit
Miss WA Brittany Henry – NF Talent

Top 15
Miss AL Courtney Porter
Miss NC Hailey Best – CMN Miracle Maker (raised over $40,000)
Miss VA Elizabeth Crot

Top 12
Miss FL Christina Janolo
Miss SC Bree Boyce

Top 10
Miss IA Jessica Pray
Miss IL Hannah Smith
Miss LA Hope Anderson
Miss TN Erin Hartley
Miss TX Kendall Morris – Prelim Swimsuit

Top 5
Miss CA Noelle Freeman - 4th Runner Up
Miss AZ Jennifer Feldman – 3rd Runner Up
Miss NY Kaitlin Monte – 2nd Runner Up, Prelim Swimsuit, Quality of Life Finalist
Miss OK Betty Thompson – 1st Runner Up, Prelim Talent
Miss WI Laura Kaeppler – Miss America 2012, Prelim Talent

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Farewell Miss New York.

Can you say “Farewell” six months later?  Well I am. 

So what happened? How come my blog just stopped after my last appearance?

Things got a little busy.

As I finished up my year of appearances as Miss New York, I jumped right into the crazy Miss New York week, working hard to help prepare the contestants as much as possible, keep the website updated with photos, write and create my farewell speech and video, all the while keeping some sort of emotional stability. Then after Miss New York week, life happened.

The week was incredible and a great way to end my year, knowing that I was going to pass on my title to someone very deserving.  With a move to Staten Island, the pageant had a lot of unknowns. What we do know now is that moving was the best decision ever. We had incredible support from SI, fantastic appearances, a gorgeous theater and major promotion. The competition was very impressive with girls really stepping up to the plate.

Meanwhile, some other big things were happening in the state of New York—marriage equality was becoming a reality. On Friday night before I gave up my title, the House of Representatives passed marriage equality in NY. I was invited back to MSNBC with Thomas Roberts for a guest appearance to wrap up my year and share in the excitement of progress for LGBT people in NY.

On Saturday morning, the morning I gave up my title, the tears began. It was when I was describing to the girls what an incredible opportunity they all had in front of them. One was meant to be Miss New York 2011, others were meant to be doctors, teachers, students, wives and moms. It changed my life completely, and it was about to change one of theirs.

In true Claire Buffie fashion, I was so busy that I procrastinated on my farewell but of course wanted to make it PERFECT. Working up until the last minute (at the parade on Saturday), I finished it. In an empty theatre, I rehearsed my farewell: a short dance that included movements from each dance I’ve done in my five years in MAO, with photos of the four years before I won, followed by a slideshow and speech you’ll see below.  It was all to the music of Scott Alan “The Distance You Have Come,” a song I almost danced to at Miss America, a song that Scott sang live at my send-off party and the song that perfectly sums up my journey in the Miss America Organization. Walking out in my evening gown for that final walk was an incredible moment (no tears in the real show!), thinking back over the last year of wonderful memories, opportunities, and moments in which I witnessed real and lasting change.

Kenny Mack presented me with a beautiful proclamation from Governor Andrew Cuomo recognizing my commitment to equality and I was later sent a proclamation from the City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. All of the legislators who wanted to be there to present it were in Albany, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. They were finishing up what all of our hard work was focused on. They finished what every child, every person, needs in order to be equal and fairly supported by our laws. The next week, one year after I was crowned Miss New York 2010, marriage equality passed in the state of New York.       What. A. Year.

That night I crowned Kaitlin Monte, of Rochester, NY, and she has been knocking my socks off ever since. I write this blog on the plane to Las Vegas where I’ll cheer her on at Miss America 2012 and have a reunion with my Miss America sisters.  Kaitlin has been an unbelievable Miss New York with a dedication to anti-bullying with her platform and a general mission to continue moving the Miss New York Organization forward.

I put all my words into my farewell letter and the slideshow/speech below. I hope that you enjoy.

Farewell Miss New York.

My mom said when she enlarges the farewell letter, she still can't read it, so making the very long blogpost I was trying to avoid, here is what the letter says:

Saying goodbye is something I’ve never been very good at, but it is something I have done a few important times in my life in order to chase my dreams and take every opportunity to achieve them. It’s what brought me here—here to New York and here to this stage. This year, I accomplished so many goals because of the incredible opportunities I had as Miss New York. It has been a year of a lot of hard work and dedication, some stumbles and falls, life-defining experiences, times of gut-wrenching laughter, the same extreme of tears, and undeniable growth as a person, a friend, a communicator – both speaker and listener – a sister and daughter, and of course as an advocate. I have found my passion; I have found myself; I have found so many others; I have found my purpose.  
All of these experiences and revelations could not have affected me to the extent that they did without the people who influenced me and impacted my year…
Over the last few years, I have kept a journal of random inspirational quotes. When I first open the first page, I see in large capitol letters, “I WON THE PARENT LOTTERY.” –Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture. Mom and Dad, (wow, cue tears…) I did.  Thank you for your immeasurable gifts as leaders, as servants, as friends and as backbones. You have afforded me opportunity after opportunity, but more importantly, you have provided me with the freedom to be independent, the values and upbringing to be a confident leader, and you have held me accountable for my actions and their effect on the world around me, constantly challenging me to use them for positive change.
Sarah, you have been my inspiration. Thank you for being so confident in yourself and open such that I—we—could have the maximum effect this year and throughout continuing advocacy.  I have been constantly motivated by your spirit and positive outlook on the world. Hannah, you have kept me grounded, reminding me that “Miss NY is not a title that guarantees great things or great change. It’s the person who does so.”  Sean and Danielle, you have brought something else into my life – balance and normalcy. Pride and excitement aside, your dedication to your family in the midst of building your own is inspiring, and Logan makes me smile every time I get overwhelmed or frustrated.
To the Miss New York Board of Directors: you keep me busy.  But in this, you have allowed me to give back in the way that you know I crave.  You have given me incredible freedom to make this year the most personal and the best for me as an individual, encouraging my authenticity in preparation for Miss America and in helping to lead this organization forward. Paul, you just have a heart that is unmatched. Linda, you have a humor that never fails to entertain as well as such a sincere dedication to this organization. Kenny, you were able to give me continuity in a rebuilding and transitional year and grow this organization with its exciting move to SI, and I will never forget the Hamptons. Faith, I know I owe you a phone bill and a stress-releasing massage for the hundreds of conversations we have had together – Dreamweaver and Photoshop aside. Judy and Diane, thank you for your countless emails and phone calls back and forth with so many different organizations and schools to help me spread my message to the maximum amount of people.  And to the number of other volunteers—Ken, Gene, Kelli, Barbara, Jim, Terry, Bill, Marylou, Jackie, Local Executive Directors and many more—you at times go seemingly unnoticed, but I am so thankful for the value that you bring to this organization and the support you weave into our sometimes tangled web.
Leigh-Taylor, you have truly covered the gamut from idol to friend, mentor, roommate and ‘sister.’ I am eternally grateful for your endless hours of support that went beyond interview preparation and back to our couch, day in and day out.  You challenged me to go so far beyond the goals I had in sight and to be a voice on behalf of those who are smothered by stigma and stereotype.  
Thank you to Kandice and Hannah – women who have understood the journey to Miss America and imparted their wisdom on my own…with fashion expertise (and champagne) along the way.  And to my roommates Carlie and Matt, thank you for putting up with so much pageant, believing in me and supporting me pride from the beginning – literally since my very first pageant when I wore your dress, Carlie.
I received the advice to keep my “team” small, just to the people who had the most positive influence one, and I did.  But my pageant family and my inspiration was large.  From years of involvement in MAO, I have developed the most incredible cheering squad from New York, Indiana, DC, Tennessee, New Jersey, Michigan, Virginia and constantly increasing to more.  I am so thankful for the light that you all bring into my life.  What grew even more insanely large was my group of allies and support of my platform Straight for Equality: Let’s Talk.  I cannot even begin to name all of the organizations and people with whom I have worked this year (see p. __)
but these numerous individuals and non-profits have been the foundation of my year and my channels for change, leadership and advocacy. Within the pageant world, so many said I should change my platform if I wanted to even think about winning, but every single one of the organizations I have worked with empowered me and reminded me of exactly why I could and should succeed with such a message of equality and fundamental respect and dignity.
To my Miss America sisters, Alyse, Katie U., Arianna, Adrienne, Emoly, Katie L., Cris, Pauli, Nicole, Loren R., Caroline & Ashleigh…we have experienced unbelievable things together, and I am forever grateful for our growing friendships. To my Miss Americas Katie Stam, Kirsten Haglund, Kate Shindle & Heather French Henry, thank you for being inspirations and giving invaluable insight into the realities of this ethereal yet seemingly attainable dream.
After reading countless emails and Facebook messages of thanks, sharing and inspiration, and beyond writing more than 115 blogs, I write my final farewell to a journey of actually five years: one I know is not ending but instead being redirected on a different path. I will never leave the Miss America Organization (sorry, you’re stuck with me!), because I want more than anything to empower every young woman to get everything out of this organization and experience that she can.  It can and will change your life, but I believe the world is cyclical – you get out of it what you put into it.  ‘Tis true about the job of Miss New York: “It’s not about how to achieve your dreams…it’s about how to lead your life. If you lead your life the right way, the karma will take care of itself.  The dreams will come to you.” 
“Wow, that is the epitome of a person appreciating this day and this moment.”  BE THAT PERSON.  This is how I challenged myself in my journal, and it is what sustained me throughout the year.  Even with that effort, because of the magnitude of the experiences I have had this year, I still do not think I have or perhaps ever will comprehend what and whom I encountered.  I may never realize the effect I had on others, but they will most certainly never realize the effect they have had on me. The legacy I hope to leave behind, holding authenticity in highest regard, is not because the stand I took this year in my advocacy was “groundbreaking” but instead because those actions, the compassion, the drive was all part of “the right thing to do.” 
As Miss Southeast NY, in my interview for MNY 2010, I said “Regardless of whether or not I win Miss New York, I will continue in my advocacy with or without the crown.” That is exactly what I plan to do by pursuing a Master’s degree and career path that will continually challenge my growth and strength as a leader in this fight for equality, riding on the momentum created by this sparkly headpiece that has taken me beyond what I thought I was capable of this year and into the hearts and minds of so many people beyond this place I call home, placing me at “the national dinner table” because after all, “Nothing was taboo at the Buffie dinner table.”
Claire Buffie
Miss New York 2010

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The last one: QSAC Fundraiser

My last appearance was the evening I returned from Buffalo – straight from the airport!  with QSAC: Quality Services for Autism.  I met "Charlie the Matchmaker" at a Straight Talk event with dot429 and he introduced me to his husband Gary Maffei, founder of QSAC.  I presented an award to one of their corporate sponsors, but also receiving an award that night was Richard Oceguera, President of the New York Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NYGLCC), and organization that has been supportive of me this year, including their donation to my Miss America ad in the program book.  This was a great way to end my year, once again realizing that just because there are LGBT people supporting a cause, it does not make it a “gay” event.  It is because they are people supporting human causes.  

But don’t get me wrong, that room did enjoy the sash J 


In the few days I had left as Miss New York, I spent my time on Long Island at my friends’ house – Eric and Walter – to relax, reflect, write my farewell and finish planning the logistics of Mr. New York.  Since I was a “homeless vagabond” the last two weeks of Miss New York (My lease was up May 31 and I was traveling so much at the end of Miss NY and after, there was no reason to spend thousands of dollars on a NYC apt I was barely living in!)  I was very thankful for Eric and Walter opening their home to me as my own.  

I witnessed a beautiful, beautiful thing that weekend.  In the two years I’ve known them – they do the musical at Hewlett HS that I choreographed after Walter judged me in Miss Jubilee – we have of course talked about my service and platform as Miss NY, but I had heard Walt say before, “I don’t need the state to tell me that I’m married. I know that we have a home together, a life together, and it’s just fine the way it is. Neither of us are going anywhere.”  Interesting perspective for someone who has been in a relationship for many years. But something changed; something evolved.  And through my conversations with Walt, he started the Human Rights Club at the high school, has become more open about answering students’ questions, and has realized, he needs to be married to Eric.  They say it’s because of me.  I say it’s because they are two people who love each other unconditionally with eternal commitment.  Both musicians, we went in the piano room and Eric played piano as Walter sang “their” song.  Tears.  Heck, I’m getting teary-eyed now and this moment was two and a half months ago.  I was a mess – but not sad tears – happy tears!  Another realization of what “marriage” means to some people, but what a relationship truly is. 

When marriage passed in NY two weeks later, Walter texted me, “Thank you.  We’re getting married December 31.”  More tears.

Finally to Western NY!!

One thing I wanted to do during my reign as Miss New York was focus on traveling to Western NY.  Miss NY has not had a strong presence there, and we are missing out on so much.  So I contacted the local titleholders in the Buffalo and Rochester areas and we went to town. I was so impressed by Desiree Wiley, Miss Buffalo 2010, from whom I immediately received an email CC’d to me through the superintendent of schools in Lockport as well as a few other area school districts.  Katie Martin, former Miss Greater Rochester and now co-executive director, contacted some Rochester area schools as well.  Since JetBlue had so graciously offered to fly me anywhere to talk about my platform, I took them up on it!  So the trip went a little like this:  Sunday straight from Queens PRIDE, I flew JetBlue to Buffalo, NY where Desiree hosted me for the few days. 

Monday we spoke at Lockport High School in multiple assemblies, covering their entire 1,600+ student body, focusing on diversity, bullying and acceptance.  Desiree was able to share that as a recent Lockport grad, she has already accomplished great things as Miss Buffalo and they were able to accomplish what they set their mind to as well!  At the end of one of the presentations, a senior girl came up to me to say “Thank you” and invited me to the G/SA meeting that afternoon.  When I went to the meeting I was so excited to find that it was actually their last meeting – what a way to celebrate!  We had fascinating conversation about the role of youth in this civil rights movement as well as the shifting climate in schools that makes sexual orientation a bit less of an issue, however still reliving some important stories that should not be hidden to the public about bullying. 

Desiree and me with the Lockport HS Principal
Lockport HS Final Gay/Straight Alliance meeting
In between the assemblies and the G/SA meeting, we were able to sneak away for a trip to Niagara Falls.  I hadn’t been since 2006, so it was exciting to be able to return!  Of course we had to take one picture with our crowns and sashes on and boy did that draw a cute crowd!  People were sooo excited to meeting Miss Buffalo and Miss New York and one lady even told me about how excited she was last year to meet Miss America Caressa Cameron at an event!   We had a family cookout that night where I got to experience just regular life with the Wiley’s friends and family.

Miss America fans!
with my hosts, the Wiley Family!
Tuesday, we went to Rochester to Golisano Medical Center at the University of Rochester Medical Center at Strong Hospital where we were joined by Chelsea Prophet, Miss Greater Rochester 2011.  In the play room, we had arts and crafts time, made frames and had some great talks with the kids there.  With Desiree’s platform of organ, eye, tissue and blood donation, she was able to connect with some special kids who were there in that play room because of a donated organ.  And since we were all dancers, that was a topic of conversation as well.  I’m glad that we made such an impact on Golisano Hospital as Kaitlin Monte, Miss NY 2011 has already been able to go back!  In fact, she went on an upstate CMN Hospital tour – take a look on her blog HERE.  We returned to Buffalo for some media interviews which you can see featured HERE on the front page of the newspaper. 

The next day in Buffalo, we had a meeting with Senator Tim Kennedy.  I met the Senator in Albany on a lobby day and he was so excited to bring Miss NY to Buffalo and share experiences from the marriage equality trail.  He is an upstanding Senator who has been very supportive and vocal about marriage equality, regardless of it’s potential effect on his political standing and/or race.  After hearing from me, and also hearing of Desiree’s involvement with her platform (he had a blood drive set for the following Saturday!), he said to consider him a partner of the Miss New York Organization and became and Elite 100 Donor to the Empire State Scholarship Education Fund.   I’d say overall it was a very successful trip!  Taking this trip to Western NY allowed me to check off my wish list as Miss New York and I’m very grateful for all who helped to make it possible and especially to the Wiley family for hosting my stay.
Senator Tim Kennedy, Buffalo

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy PRIDE Month!! (uggh so late.)

PRIDE MONTH!!!! (lame, I’m sooo late. But I tweeted lots about it when we were actually IN the month of June)   Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that June was probably a pretty big month for me with my platform, right at the end of my reign as Miss New York.

I was reminded of my Queens and Staten Island PRIDE events this week when I got an email of photos from a woman, Laura, whom I met at Queens PRIDE.  She has sent me a pin that is a rainbow colored high heel.  Could you represent my year as Miss New York any more perfectly?!  Love it.   To finally wrap up on my Miss NY year so that I can get this book of my year printed, AND start blogging as “Just Claire” here’s one final push at finishing my year of service. 

After kicking off PRIDE Month at PepsiCo, it was on to the real celebration of PRIDE Parades.  Now these parades have indeed caught flak before; I believe it was Carl Paladino who referenced them as “bumping and grinding…disgusting” and “speedo-wearing men with gyrating movements.”  I’m sure there was a “leather” reference in there somewhere.  Well stereotypes do come from some example, but are generalizations that are detrimental and limiting to any group.  Instead, at Staten Island PRIDE where I served as the Grand Marshall, there was a fairly small group of people, many youth and very diverse minorities were represented.  Christopher Hines, a producer who was filming a documentary for Logo, joined me at SI PRIDE to get a taste of the reception the community has for Miss New York.  I’ve just received word that I am “prominently featured” in the film, which will release in October.  I’m excited to see the support and highlights of exciting straight allies like myself, Hudson Taylor, Ben Cohen and more.  At the festival, we heard from many politicians in support of equality and I of course signed quite a handful of autographs.  It was great to see Kim Cantoni, Miss Liberty 2011, and Jim Smith, Executive Director of Miss Staten and the 2005 Grand Marshall of SI PRIDE!

Kim Cantoni and Jim Smith, ED of Miss Staten Island and the 1st Staten Island Grand Marshal

Danny Dromm, City Councilman
Matt Titone, NY State Assemblyman
The next day, Queens PRIDE really went above and beyond!  Danny Dromm, out City Council member, started Queens PRIDE years ago and it has grown exponentially since. I was a co-Grand Marshal with State Senator Tony Avella.   Unfortunately, I was only able to stay for the parade and lunch and did not get to visit in the festival because I was flying to Buffalo, but it was such a wonderful afternoon and I most certainly did not want to leave!  I ate lunch with a few young people who were interning with Christine Quinn because they wanted to be advocates for social justice.  So cool.  And once again, negative stereotypes of PRIDE parades were proven wrong – instead crowds of loving and supportive people, in jeans and t-shirts nonetheless, celebrating equality and supporting their forward, fair-minded politicians. 

with my Queens PRIDE drivers
Tony Avella, Co-Grand Marsal, NY State Senator
Tom Duane, NY State Senator

What we have to remember is that the Pride parade is one day, and Pride month is one month, June, but we must celebrate people all day and every day.  This year’s Pride month in New York was especially energetic because of the momentum in the fight for Marriage Equality.  Unfortunately, I was not able to march in the NYC Pride Parade because I was a surprise guest at Miss North Carolina, but I’m pretty sure I could hear the celebration, the day after Marriage Equality was passed in New York State!! Now that is something to celebrate with huge PRIDE, excitement and love!

I did experience a first at this parade though that I have to share.  So I’m sitting up on the back of a white Mustang convertible  - very nice – ready to start the parade when the car behind us dies.  So with me still on the top we pull forward, reverse back, wind around the car and then proceed to jump the car with cables.  In case you weren’t picturing it funny enough in your mind, here’s a look.  What an experience – one every pageant girl must have.  ;-)