Friday, July 30, 2010


Live Interview with MSNBC's Thomas Roberts

This was an incredible opportunity, and I am so grateful to Thomas Roberts for the opportunity to share my message with the national audience.  Thomas found some news articles and brief interviews of me from the Hamptons Empire State Pride Agenda event and tracked me down.  Jackie Holmes came with me to Rockefeller Center where we took excited pictures in the green room, told our story of Miss Manhattan/Miss NY relationship to the hair and makeup people (who loved it!), and headed home in the car service that awaited outside the studio.  So many have asked, so here's the answer:  Yes, the interview was LIVE and no, I did not know the questions ahead of time.  I was definitely nervous, but I was really excited to be able to squeeze in "Miss America, broadcast live on ABC on January 15 from the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas!"  I hope this brings as much press and support to the Miss America Organization as it does to my message because without MAO, I would not have such an amazing vessel to promote my platform.

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