Friday, August 27, 2010

MAOT #2!

Sorry I haven't been able to blog since the first day--we don't have wireless at the hotel. So from my iPhone (please excuse the mistakes) here are the updates. Most importantly, MISS NEW YORK'S OUTSTANDING TEEN, ALISON, WON TALENT! See the Miss America's OT press release HERE. It was soooo exciting--I was like a proud mom! All of the Miss contestants were so impressed and complimentary. It was a tough group in talent too!! She was just amazing. That night, Virginia won Evening Gown as well. And an update for Mallory--Scarlett rocked her push up!

Thursday morning, it all officially started for the Miss America Class of 2011. We filmed video segments with Tall Pony Productions that will be shown on, youtube and more! For dinner, we were hosted by Regalia and Mary Sullivan of the Miss Florida Organization for a great dinner at Maggiano's where we got to know each contestant a bit more.  It was wonderful! Thank you!! Thursday prelims were once again exciting. Alabama took the talent award home with Michael Jackson pointe dance and Ohio took home evening gown. Alison looked gorgeous in her lemon-lime green chiffon dress and did an awesome job in her on stage question, answering quickly and perfectly!! We are just so proud of EVERYTHING she has done this week and I'm so excited for Saturday! I can't even make a Top 10!

We are on the bus home from Disney World right now. It was a great day with some fun filming, interviews and time in the Magic Kingdom, complete with Space Mountain!  So we're on or way back to the hotel to shower and get ready for our dinner hosted at the Siegel Estate...excited!!

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