Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Miss America's Outstanding Teen #1

Day one down on Orlando! Last night was my first opportunity to meet many of the Miss contestants, and they are great!! It's tough to remember all names--thank goodness we have sashes! The Teens look great in their opening number as all areas of competition! Alison was fantastic in activewear - definitely top of the group. It wasn't just modeling though. It's a whole fitness routine! And Ali COULD do a push-up...something not everyone had mastered :) Talent was great with the top award going to Virginia on the piano. Virginia's definitely continuing their successful year with pretty amazing titleholders, I'll say that. Wink! Evening gown was ... chiffon and pink. Haha lots of it! Florida was my favorite with a gorgeous white bandage dress with mermaid at the bottom. Awards went to Oklahoma and Kentucky as a tie for evening gown. The other contestants came on stage to ask each other on stage questions. Cool idea!  The Miss contestants all introduced ourselves on stage and I got to hug Sierra Minot, Miss FL 08 (with LT whom I met at Katie's Miss America Homecoming) who was also the host of the evening.  We got to catch up at visitation where I also got to take the full Miss NY pic - Princess Ava, Teen Alison, Miss Claire!

I just left Alison's talent rehearsal and she did an awesome job. She choreographed her own pointe dance, mixing classical and contemporary pointe--verrrry cool! The tutu looks amazing and they have lit her dance in a great way that really showcases the mood of the song and dance. I'm really excited to see the prelims full on tonight because it's a strooong group in talent! Definitely keep sending your good vibes to Alison--this is her big night!!

Just a few pics from visitation last night on my Miss America's Outstanding Teen photo gallery.

Thanks Red Carpet Pageant and Prom for the fantastic dress I wore!

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