Monday, August 16, 2010

It's a family thing...

Hey! Guess who was on the radio this time?! My dad! A Thousand Moms is an organization I've worked with a lot in the past few months (& written a few blogs about), and they have developed their own radio show. At one point, they nicknamed it "the Buffie radio" because one week, I interviewed on my way to Miss New York ... the following week, my sister Sarah and my mom were on ... And now it's my dad, speaking about his resolution to the Indiana State Medical Association. You can listen to all 3 at the links below. My dad's is particularly interesting, delving deep into the medical research and the validity and impact of marriage equality on a person's health. He's one smart cookie. If you are moved by his conversation and would like to know more or would like to support him in his presentation to the state medical association, please contact me.

Bill Buffie, MD - August 2010

Sarah and Jo Ellen Buffie, family perspective - July 2010

Claire Buffie, Miss New York - June 2010  (Proud FM before the BlogTalkRadio launch)

In other news, there are some fun photos from last week...

- my interview with OutQ radio
- the End of Prop 8 celebration with Broadway Impact
- Haiti Fashion Show with the Michael Masoy Agency and Alison, MNYOT

...all on my photo gallery HERE

And then it was time for another radio interview.  On Wednesday night, I spent some time with This Show Is So Gay and spoke with Ken & Becca about the pageant and my platform, of course.  You can listen to the show HERE.  (I start around 22 mins)

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