Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Adventures of Clairebear and Alibear!

I had a fantastic weekend with Alison Stroming, Miss NYOT! She is just the greatest - I, along with the state of NY, got a good one with her! Friday morning, Carbo picked us up to head up to Albany to record the Focus Feature with Fox23 News with Art (Director of Marketing/PR for MNYOrg). We had a nice half hour show and were able to talk about all the high points - Miss NY org, CMN, scholarships, platforms, upcoming appearances and how the Albany community can be involved, which is a crucial message to spread.  Then it was back on the road and up on Watertown. We stayed at the beautiful house on the hill, residence of the fantastic, amazing, and wonderful Miss Jessica Lynch Renzi, who beyond being Miss NY 2003, is a great mom, a loyal supporter of the organization and just an all around hoot to be around. (how was that jess? :) ).

Saturday, we visited Samaritan Hospital with Kristina Ferris on her last day as Miss Thousand Islands and Joslyn, CMN coordinator, and her daughter Chelsea. We were only able to actually see one baby, tiny little George. But we saw a few more little ones in the NICU. If you think about it, it's actually a good thing we weren't able to see more kids - it means they weren't in the hospital. In the NICU, the Miss America partnership with the Children's miracle Network came to life - literally. Each bay costs $10,000...monitor $10,000...a small device to take vitals without pricking an infant over and over $4,000. This is where our money is going. The girls of the Miss NY Org raised $26,000 this year. That's 2 bays and one device that will save hundreds of babies' lives. 

We headed to Clayton, NY, ate lunch with the contestants and then it was back to the house for playtime with Eugene, Timmy and Annabelle before heading to the Miss Thousand Islands 2011 pageant. It was a great pageant - very well organized, kudos Shelby & team! Congratulations to Morgan Bocciolatt, Miss Thousand Islands 2011 and the first new girl of the Class of 2011!  Crazy to think she has 10 months to get ready for Miss New York - she'll be ready!  Congratulations to all of the runners up, award winners and contestants for getting up there on stage and out there in your communities.  Miss TI was a great way to kick off the local competition season - thanks for having Miss New York there!  11pm departure for a 6 hour drive home.  yikes.  <--- this is why Carbo is the best - she drove the whole way.


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  1. Eugene, Timmy, and Annabelle miss "the princesses"!! So glad you had a chance to visit the North Country!! Best Wishes on your upcoming year and I hope to see you up here again soon!! :)