Friday, December 31, 2010

One last go around....

It may seem like I've had a lot of parties....we like to party.  But here we go, one last time, to say "Good Luck" just before I leave for Las Vegas!

Reasons you should come:
Finally an informal event with NO TICKET.
Therapy is awesome.
Scott Alan is performing. 'nuf said. Just come for that.
Broadway is dark.
You are going to have a cocktail on Monday at 6:00 after work anyway.
You've never cared about Miss America before, but now you want to watch. (Jan 15 9pm EST ABC)
You work at Apple, and since I don't anymore, I miss seeing you.
Appolonia Cruz is going to bring the drag entertainment to the evening. She's a diva.
You just may get to take a picture with someone who becomes Miss America.
You could sell your autograph card on ebay if I win and make back the price of your drink.
We are selling I <3 Miss New York Tshirts to continue fundraising for my Miss America expenses and we need your help.
JoJo is going to be there. My mom, not the 12 year-old pop star. How old is she now?
You are some part of the LGBTQ/A community, and I am fighting with YOU.

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