Thursday, December 9, 2010

It Gets Better. but this time, it's my video.

In previous blogs, I have shared multiple "It Gets Better" videos that have been inspirational to me. Many people have asked if I had made a video. Well I have. But it's more than me. With celebration, excitement and honor, I represent a "first" in the Miss America Organzation. But with respect and admiration for my peers in the MAO Class of 2011, I wanted to share this project with the many other women across the United States who believe in this universal message of equality, dignity and respect as we, together, take a stand against bullying.

I received so many emails of support but with such busy schedules as state titleholders, there were many girls unable to send a video. However, I want to recognize their support (and the door is always open to add to the video!).

Miss Arkansas Alyse Eady
Miss California Arianna Afsar
Miss Florida Jaclyn Raulerson
Miss Georgia Christina McCauley
Miss Iowa Pauli Mayfield
Miss Louisiana Kelsi Crain
Miss Michigan Katie LaRoche
Miss Puerto Rico Mariselle Morales
Miss Rhode Island Deborah Saint-Vil
Miss Tennessee Nicole Jordan
Miss Vermont Caroline Bright
Miss Virginia Caitlin Uze

In the video:
Miss District of Columbia Stephanie Williams
Miss Illinois Whitney Thorpe-Klinsky
Miss Indiana Gabrielle Reed
Miss Nevada Cris Crotz
Miss New Hampshire Krystal Muccioli
Miss Oklahoma Emoly West
Miss Wisconsin Kimberly Sawyer
Miss Wyoming Alicia Grove

You, too, can take the pledge to stop bullying and spread a message of hope that "It Gets Better."
Click here to take the pledge.

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