Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hetrick-Martin Institute & The Big Apple Circus

Many of you remember the movie “MILK” or perhaps have heard of the Harvey Milk High School in New York City.  I was incredibly fortunate to meet with the executive director of the Institute last week and learn about amazing work that they do in supporting 1500 of NYC’s most vulnerable and at risk youth.  Literally, they are saving lives every day through their unending giving and support, mentally, emotionally, creatively as well as their resources available not limited to health and wellness, HIV medical care, education, shelter, clothing, food, and more.  Beneath the Hetrick-Martin Institute, the Harvey Milk High School is only structured for 100 students.  This may seem and is small, especially in comparison to the 1.1 million kids in New York City public schools (The Milk School is a public transfer school), however, work in this intimate environment is exponentially more effective.  The school doubles as a community center after hours and is available through age 24, with GED programs available as well.  The kids who (mostly voluntarily) transfer to the Harvey Milk School are usually overage and undereducated for a variety of reasons, making their education process and needs even more unique.  I cannot wait to become more involved – they have photography classes as a main outlet of creativity and expression, and a class on social media – hello!  

In a complete shift (I love this about my job as Miss New York), just before the Christmas holiday, I went to the Big Apple Circus where I was a guest ringmaster!  It was so awesome – the Kenyan acrobats, jugglers and clowns, music, humor, miniature horses, crazy handstand man, and Mongolian bendy girls – all of it!  I had never been to the circus before (except Cirque du Soleil which is a little different) so it was just a blast.  Alison was able to come with me and wave from the audience as well.  They handed me the mic and said I could say anything I wanted, so of course I asked everyone to pull out their phones and vote for Miss America! What a great way to end my appearances in 2010.

Alison and I also braved the cold for a few holiday photo attempts at Lincoln Center in our scarves.  Mine kind of looks like a neck brace, but I promise, it’s ok.  Hahaha J Happy Holidays from Alison and Claire, as well as the entire board of the Miss New York Organization!

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