Tuesday, January 4, 2011

See ya later, NY!

Wow, New York, you have sent me off in style with unbelievable support, encouragement and motivation.  Last night was the final send off party at Therapy in New York City before I head to Vegas.  My mom was here for a few days to help me pack; I had a final rehearsal and walk through with directors and friends; and I was back on national television with Thomas Roberts.  How lucky am I?  

So many people came out on Monday night to support me - huge thanks to Appolonia Cruz and Scott Alan for performing, as well as my surprise from John Flannigan.  You picked such perfect songs to sing with such beautiful thought behind each one.  Thank you to the Miss New York board of directors who were all present, in I <3 Miss NY t-shirts, and just full of warm hugs and wishes.  Thank you to my roommates who have put up with dresses and suitcases strewn about our little NYC apartment, and JoJo for helping me make that mess! I said it at the party, but every single person that was there who evening and those with whom I have come in contact in the past 6 months has affected me in a way that will make me a greater person in life, and at Miss America.  I can't believe it's here, but I am ready.  (Ok, I still need to finish packing, get an airbrush tan, manicure and pedicure, but I'm pretty ready.)

In New York, I have the world at my fingertips, and that, almost more than anything, has prepared me for this job of Miss America.  I am humbled, honored, ecstatic, and fired up to represent the best state in this country with a message that resonates in New York and must spill into the rest of the country.  Because I'm in this great city, I have access to things like national television outlets and fantastic people like Thomas Roberts, who has supported me unconditionally in this venture.  So on my day before departing for Las Vegas, I headed over to Vartali Salon for a new cut and color, and there was an MSNBC car waiting for me downstairs to take me straight to Rockefeller Center for this live interview.   

Thanks for watching, thanks for voting, thanks for supporting and thanks for loving.   I'll be tweeting, [hopefully] blogging, and maybe even some v-logging with the amazing girls at Miss America - check in during this exciting week!  See you on the flipside :) 

"Pack up all my care and woe,
Here I go
Singing low
Bye, bye, blackbird."

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