Thursday, July 29, 2010


(side note: I had to consult my calendar to see what I did this week because my brain is a little fried -- and it's only Thursday.)

Monday we had a really productive board meeting - so many great ideas in this group.  I can't wait for them to come to fruition.  Tuesday was the big day though - Miss America headshots with Joseph Moran!!  I shot with Joseph a year and a half ago for Miss Jubilee and thought those were good...but this time around -- woah!  I'm soooo thrilled with the pictures, and man did he make it a HARD decision.  From 469, I took it to 111.  Then Leigh-Taylor and I took it to 23 - 23 to 5, which grew to 7, then narrowed to 3, then 2 and everyone was stuck. Yeah, you get the point.  Below are some of the favorite proofs - these haven't been touched AT ALL. That's how fantastic Joseph is...well, in my opinion.  Tamara did an amazing job on makeup.

You'll have to wait for the official Miss America release to see the real one though!  And a few other surprises :)  After our shoot, I ran into the hallway a few minutes late to do a phone interview with, set up by Jackie Holmes, affectionately referred to as my publicist.  I'll keep you updated for when that article comes out.  (Check the press page - a few new things have been added)

Today, I shot a commercial for custom airbrush tanning for Beach Bum Tanning.  They have been a sponsor of mine for the past two years and will be joining Miss New York as a state sponsor!  Details to come.

Here's the big news!  TOMORROW, Friday July 30 on MSNBC 2:30 EST - I'm interviewing with Thomas Roberts (formerly from CNN Headline News)  I'm really excited for my first national television interview - and it's live!  Neatest thing is that they did not even receive the press release - they found me...they found my platform.  Set your DVR!

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