Thursday, July 29, 2010

4 states in 6 days.

Whew! 4 states in 6 days and I'm back. Last week I flew down (first class free baggage) with our airline sponsor AirTran to spend a few days with Faith Ossmann, Miss NY board member and visit Dr. Goldstein for my first dental consult. Faith and I were such computer nerds, sitting side by side on our matching MacBook Pros working on the website and business card ideas. Her family is delightful and I can’t wait for another trip. I'll be heading back soon for my Invisalign impressions.

at the dentist - nice, right? thanks, Faith.
 First class - doing Miss A paperwork & ads

From Atlanta, I flew to Indianapolis and immediately got to see my brother and his fiancĂ©'s house and new nursery for their son Logan, who is coming any day! They were not at Miss New York, so it was exciting to see them and leave Logan an autograph card from Aunt Claire to introduce myself. :) After lunch with my younger sister Hannah and mom, they dropped me off for Katie and Brian's wedding rehearsal. It was quite a reunion and exciting to share in my new excitement, but this weekend was about Katie and Brian, not a crown - as it has been for them so much of the past year and a half. (for new readers or those who don't know me very well, Katie=Katie Stam, Miss America 2009) The wedding on Friday was absolutely gorgeous and only described with perfection. Some may think that Miss America's wedding would be luxurious, dripping with crystals and bedazzled everything from decor to the dress to the cake, etc. Katie's was so natural, minimal and personally unique - yet magnificent nonetheless. Miss CA, VT, DC and HI from the Miss America Class of ’08 were in attendance, and, well, let’s just say made quite a statement!!! This was seriously the MOST fun I have ever had at a wedding and I was so honored to be a part of their wedding. It was so great to be back with my friends for such a special weekend. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Irk!!

Can't show you any of the real pics until they are released!
Then it was to Columbus, OH for a family friend's wedding and back home in the AM for a flight full of Miss America paperwork, a day's work, and back to paperwork.

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