Thursday, July 15, 2010

Appearances begin!

Saturday kicked off my appearances as Miss New York in a big way. First appearance: The Hamptons Tea Dance for the Empire State Pride Agenda. Sounds picturesque, right? Through a torrential downpour, Kenny, Judy and I drove out to East Hampton on a disgustingly rainy day. By the time we got there, there were more rainbows than just the flags - rain kind of held off long enough for us to make a number of promising connections in the LGBT community for sponsors and partners, meet a Housewife, a drag queen, a congresswoman and a Bravo! producer, and take a few minutes to talk to Next Magazine and PlumTV repeating over and over "Miss America January 15th live on ABC!"

More photos in my Photo Gallery > July Events

Sunday, I switched things up and did a Pirates and Princesses cruise with Miss Brooklyn, Mallory Hagan. Monday it was off to Representative Jerry Nadler's summer soirĂ©e where I definitely recruited two new MNY contestants, right Elyse and Kim? Tuesday I met with the new fitness sponsor of MNY, Justin Popovics, owner of Built to Win, at David Barton Gym at Astor Place. I took my two weeks off (much needed) and now it's back to the grind! Back at the apartment, I spent the evening with Linda Carbo and MNYOT Alison Stroming via video chat and chose her contestant number for MAOT while doing interview shopping and paperwork at the same time...multi-tasking!! And up to date, I am currently on the train on the way home from a house meeting with Advocates for Youth, with whom I am very excited to become more involved.

More photos in my Photo Gallery > July Events

Whew! So thats why I haven't put up a blog until now, but I hope you'll forgive me! We needed some time to get the ball rolling; before we know it, we are going to be chasing it, it's rolling so fast! Off to JUMP dance convention with Ali tomorrow to take class and meet some choreographers...  :)

BIG INTERVIEW:  The Advocate - This was my first big interview with LGBT news and it has been very well received thus far!

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  1. Claire,

    I am so glad to see you being so busy with appearances, you truly are a go-getter and I'm thrilled for you as you begin your journey as our new Miss New York. Keep up the great work, and I hope I get the chance to see you throughout the year!

    Corri Dartnell