Sunday, July 18, 2010

10 in 7.

10 appearances or Miss New York related events/meetings in the past 7 days! I can't blog about and describe in detail every event I do, but I do take photos at most and post them to my photo gallery. I'll do my best to highlight the variety of opportunities I have as MNY. Saturday was a HOT one, but we all got through that to do two events in Brooklyn, we = Miss Greater NYC Keelie, Miss Jubilee Inga (although she was Miss SENY for the day), and Miss Catskills International Felicia. The School of the Future is a place for intergenerational life-long learning.

Were you here today as a teacher or student?
  • Both! That’s what SotF encourages. And in our self-expression class, by challenging others to discover what makes them unique, it opens introspection for me as well.
And the puppies at the Sean Casey Animal Rescue were pretty cute too!

More photos in my Photo Gallery > July Events

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