Thursday, March 17, 2011

What a great weekend! 7 new titleholders!!

And then the weekend hit and what a great few days that was!? Saturday I checked in and introduced myself to many of the contestants competing for Miss NY local city titles in interview. I got really excited because although I knew from the numbers and names that we were going to have a great day of pageants on Sunday, but seeing everyone just took it up a notch! Everyone looked great!! I loved how contemporary and modern everyone looked in their interview outfits.

After playing DJ Jazzy Claire and collecting all talent music, it was over to the 18th Annual GLBT Expo at the Javitz Center. The entire space was packed with GLBT or gay-friendly organizations. In the wedding aisle, I was modeling Stephen Yearick wedding gowns with Sposabella Lace. Felt pretty fancy! It was fun though to have so many people recognize and support me, coming up with a picture of the two of us on their cell phone reminiscing of meeting Miss NY at Toys for Tots or The ESPA Gala or something. We all, in this bubble of pageant world, get excited to meet celebs in titleholders, but it is so wonderful to see the support and excitement in the community about meeting a Miss America girl.

 I also did an interview in the video lounge with big supporter Appolonia Cruz, who hosted my send off party, where we showed a highlight video of my Miss America Preliminary competition (watch it HERE).  Most importantly, I was able to meet face to face with Hertz Connect and two car dealerships about potentially sponsoring me for my upstate travels in these next few months. I can't wait to see how those relationships hopefully develop.  Then I visited with the Human Rights Campaign and signed up as a supporter of Marriage Equality. Are you?

Sunday was the big day for New York locals! Miss Greater Rochester was upstate and 6 titles were given in New York City.  Congratulations to ALL who competed and a special thanks to those in the city and state sweeper who were such troopers on a double pageant day!  I did the on-stage questions while Jackie Holmes emceed the first pageant and then moved up to emcee duties for round two.

Miss Southeast NY Amanda Mason - Miss Manhattan Mallory Hagan - Miss New York City Hannah Wright
1st RU Tara Szczepanski (L)

Miss Greater Gotham Nardeen Billan - Miss Liberty Kimberly Cantoni - Miss Metropolitan Tara Szczepanski
Visiting Titleholders: Miss Staten Island Maria DeSantis, Miss Kings County Carmen Mendoza,
Miss Altamaha Alexa Turpin (Georgia), Miss Manhattan 2010 Jackie Holmes
Miss Greater Rochester Chelsea Prophet

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