Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Friendfactor NY Launch Party

I have blogged about Friendfactor before (READ HERE), but two weeks ago, Friendfactor made its official launch in NY with a big splash, recognized as a leader in the fight for marriage for all people in the state of New York. Now I don't wear my crown at all of my appearances, but they requested it, not just for pics, but the whole time; and it was really fun to see the people who were not only excited to meet Miss NY, but so grateful that I was there in support. Way more exciting than me though, were the celebrity hosts of the party including Chelsea Clinton, Kristen Bell, Mark Conseulos, and Andy Cohen. Steven Cohen was there representing the Governor and David Mixner was there for the ask. Most impressive, the founder of Friendfactor, Brian Elliot - genius ideas and someone who really took a leap of faith to start this organization that allows friends to support their friends in the fight for marriage. I had seen the Ff friendsetter pages (and I have one CLICK HERE) and the videos about how the website works, but it was so cool to see others' reactions, seeing it the first time.

Brian Elliot, Founder of Friendfactor
Chelsea Clinton
Kristen Bell
Mark said he and Kelly fought over who got to be Andy's date this night.
David Mixner
Ff Patty and Ron Zacchi, MENY
View some great press on the Ff Launch here:

Ff also released the new video promo project "Best. Wedding Gift. Ever." featuring Jesse Tyler Ferguson from Modern Family. Check it out! Hilarious.

Go to www.Friendfactor.org/WeddingGift to win Jesse's signed gift and to give your gay* friends in New York the Best. Wedding Gift. Ever. -- the freedom to marry the person they love.

Since it's inception and a huge thanks to that NY launch party, Friendfactor has raised over $200,000. We are on our way to marriage for all people in the state of NY. Make sure your senator knows the right way to vote. Don't know who your senator is or how to call them? Just visit my friendsetter page HERE and you will be connected to your senator by simply typing in your zip code.

Make a difference in this marriage fight; the opportunity could not be any easer. No excuses. Play like a champion.

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