Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Friendfactor rules.  Let me tell you why.  Friendfactor is a brand new and incredibly innovative initiative that brings together our innate support of our friends and our dependency on technology, as I see it.

Who: Friendfactor (, an online gay rights organization that is making gay rights about friends helping friends rather than legal issues. Chelsea Clinton and Chris Hughes, a co-founder of Facebook, are on Friendfactor's Advisory Board.

What: People (straight and gay) are setting up "Friend-Setter" pages, and asking their friends to call their legislator in support of the freedom to marry in New York. Think of it like a marathon page, but instead of asking friends for money, you're asking them for a call. You can view a beta page of this at This framing is new and super exciting!  We have Chelsea Handler and Michelle Clunie on board and are in touch with Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Kristen Bell and Andy Cohenabout setting up a page.

So guess what? I have a Friend-Setter page. And you should visit it. Now. Type in your name and zip code, and be near your phone because Friendfactor will call you, chat for a second and connect you with your Senator, so that you can tell them in your own words, or based on the script on the screen in front of you, why YOU support YOUR FRIENDS and therefore voting YES for marriage equality.
Brilliant, right?  Then, you could make your own Friend-Setter page and join the fight with us.

Friendfactor is all about bringing us together as friends because let's be honest...when we get those frequent emails of support for run/walks, or the Children's Miracle Network Fundraising for Miss America girls, or the letters of support for mission trips, are you giving money or volunteering because of the organization or cause, or is it usually because you support your friend? Friendfactor makes it so easy to support each other, gay or straight. 

And if you're able, I am also co-hosting a benefit for Friendfactor's New York Launch

Tuesday, May 3, 2011
Lavo New York - 39 East 58th Street

VIP Reception 6:00-7:00, Main Event 7:00-8:30
You can buy tickets HERE

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