Monday, May 23, 2011

Performers with a Purpose


Miss Brooklyn impresses again!  Yet another blog about an event produced by Christina Moore, Miss Brooklyn 2011, to support her platform Performers with a Purpose: Bringing Sarcoma Awareness Center State.  Saturday, Performers with a Purpose was an evening that raised money for Sarcoma, the most rare form of cancer, by featuring hundreds of performers from the Bay Ridge/Brooklyn area.  Before she was even Miss Brooklyn, Christina was teaching dance in public schools to students, kindergarten through middle school.  The show opened with a huge production number of all of the kids Christina taught in their matching t-shirts, all part of the $4,500 of expenses that were donated to the event.  I was brought back to my competition and recital days watching tons of dance studios perform as well as special performances by Miss NYC, Hannah Wright, and her fellow Juilliard dancer, Miss Manhattan, Mallory Hagan, and Miss Five Boroughs, Kate Perkins (singing).  We met so many future Miss NY contestants and were able to promote the Miss New York Star Princess Program so much, even signing a few up, after they got our autographs, of course.  Congrats once again to Christina on a job well done, gaining respect and admiration from your community and your Miss NY family and competitors.

On a total side note, I wasn’t wearing heels that night and was not able to perform my dance for the cause; instead I had my right foot wrapped.  To explain, I have had a few biopsies and mole removals recently, with testing for melanoma. After four procedures, we have now [hopefully] gotten rid of all cancerous and pre-cancerous cells.  This is thanks to my dermatology sponsor, Dr. Virgil Hatcher of Chelsea Dermatology and his referral to Dr. Ariel Ostad, who kindly extended my sponsorship to cover his medical care.  So this sponsorship has been much more than relaxing facials and skincare, but it has helped me catch and hopefully now prevent my chances of developing skin cancer or melanoma.  Seemingly vain or annoyed, I don’t love the two-inch scar on my back or the inconvenience of a healing hole in my foot when I’m trying to walk around and stand (in heels) at appearances, but I’d take it over skin cancer any day.

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