Friday, April 1, 2011

NGLJA and Hewlett HS

Upon my return to New York, I had quite a busy day, flying in at noon followed by an impromptu hair appointment at Vartali Salon just in time for the National Gay and Lesbian Journalist Association annual event "HEADLINES+HEADLINERS." This was one of the first bigger events I went to as a local titleholder two years ago (as Miss Jubilee 2009) as a guest of Marni Lemmons with Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals.  Kind of fun to come full circle on it. This time though, I was a special guest of MSNBC Anchor and the evening's host, Thomas Roberts. The event was held at the beautiful Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams showroom with the most adorable food I've ever seen.

I loved seeing Thomas and his mom again, meeting the aunt and uncle, as well as the highlight, Thomas' partner, Patrick - the only person standing in the way of me marrying Thomas... uhhh.....I mean.... hehe   

Also fun to run into Hudson Taylor and LZ Granderson again.
 Hudson was workin' it with the magic tricks!

The next day, I jumped on the train to head out to Long Island, returning to Hewlett HS for an all-school assembly.  1,200 kids at one time in the gym!  I was their keynote speaker to wrap up Human Rights Day, put on by the Right to Equality group at school which combines the Gay/Straight Alliance and the Human Rights Clubs.  Since I wasn't born in NY, but I choreographed a musical at Hewlett High School two years ago and have a wonderful relationship with their MS/HS music teachers, Walter and Eric, I consider Hewlett HS my "home turf."  They did a great job of capturing the day in THIS ARTICLE. 

Some members of the Right to Equality group

We had such good audience participation as the kids stood up to tell me what kind of bullying they had witnessed at school and what you can do to stop it. Finally, as I charged them to find their passion and cause for which to advocate, we could have gone all day as dozens stood up and said "I am ___ and I want to stand up for ___."  In the end, the challenge was to keep each other accountable for these messages of pride and advocacy.

Some "Guys & Dolls" :)
So thankful for Walter and Eric!!

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