Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Pageant Planet

In most states, the Class of 2011 is almost complete.  But in NY, we have a few locals in the fall, but a concentration of them in February - March.  So a lot of you are getting ready right now for locals and soon for state.  I have a suggestion for you!

I met Steve and Candace from The Pageant Planet at my Miss America send off party in NYC.  Now, I'll be joining a part of their family, participating in the VIP Coaching Call today, Tuesday February 22.  The Pageant Planet's VIP Call spends 2 hours every 2 weeks talking about current events from a variety of opinions and offers special guests to give suggestions on pageant preparation, specifically for interview.  I'll be the resident "expert" on today's call talking about some of my preparation for Miss America and Miss New York - things I found successful, things I could have avoided, etc.

In addition to these calls, The Pageant Planet offers a variety of free services - newsletters with interview questions, preparation tips and motivation and a place for pageant wardrobe reselling/buying.

Miss New York wants to help you with interview this Tuesday!This month I want to give you access to a couple of pageant coaches who will revolutionize your private interview. First you will get to speak with Claire Buffie, Miss New York 2010, who is going to tell you exactly what questions were asked in the Miss America interview room, what the set up was, what other girls were wearing, how the judges acted...she will tell all! 

In short, Claire is going to tell you EXACTLY what to expect inside the Miss America interview room. And she is going to share with us how she made national news as a state titleholder. Think about that...the judges got to know her month's before the pageant.. what an advantage!?

Click now to get all the details: 

ThePageantPlanet.com is your online pageant coach, dedicated to gathering the best success strategies from the most reliable sources to ensure your success in pageantry.

In less than 1 year "The Pageant Planet.com grew to become the #1 resource for pageant information on the web! More than 80,000 girls come every month come to learn how to successfully compete, receive pageant coaching, purchase their gowns, and to connect with other girls competing for the crown.

Join the family. Dominate the crown.

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