Monday, February 21, 2011

Everything else during RFA Week

Aside from schools presentations for Respect For All Week (blogpost), I've done some other great appearances this week including Miss Brooklyn's Cupid's Cure, The State of the City and the Senator Klein's Bronx VA hospital visit.

Saturday, Linda Carbo and I went to Miss Brooklyn, Christina Moore's fundraiser Cupid's Cure to benefit the Sarcoma Foundation in honor of her aunt, a sarcoma survivor. The event was fantastic - a real testament to Christina's work ethic and dedication to community service as well as maximizing her opportunity as local titleholder to make a difference. I want to share this video to show you that the Miss America Organization is so much more that the one girl with the big title and big crown - it's the 1,200 local titleholders that make this organization what it is. Congratulations, Christina on a wonderful event!

Tuesday, I was invited to the State of the City address by City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. In attendance were all 5 Borough Presidents, Comptroller John Lui, Public Advocate Bill De Blasio, District Attorney Vance and the entire membership of the City Council.  She focused on affordable housing, parking issues, and especially small businesses.  As far as the status of city funding, she proposes we start paying out capital funds up front, steadily increasing our out-of-pocket payments so that we don't leave our kids with the bill. Start investing 1 billion a year. The two major catch phrases I took from her speech follow:  

  • "Small problems can turn into big issues. But small actions can create a huge difference. Simple improvements make a profound difference."  
  • "Government only succeeds when we serve as a microphone to the people and work outside of the walls of City Hall."

Thursday, straight from Lyons Community HS in Washington Heights, I quickly headed over to the Bronx Veterans Hospital for Senator Jeffery Klein's 16th Annual Valentines Day celebration.  The PS choir sang wonderful songs and made tons of Valentines to pass out to the veterans.  I've been in quite a few children's hospital because of CMN, but this was my first VA hospital.  These men and women are amazing with the stories and inspiration they share.  After the program, the Senator, Miss Teen USA Kamie Crawford and I did some bedside visits, delivering Valentines and packages to those who couldn't attend the program.  I'm looking forward to working with Senator Klein on upcoming Marriage Equality events and press conferences.  It was fantastic meeting Kamie as well - an absolute sweetheart and so beautiful as well!  So cute to visit one room and the man says "Oh! You're the new one!" and pointed to the wall where he had a picture with Miss Teen USA from the year before.  Hopefully we can make this a tradition for Miss New York as well.

I also did a photoshoot for Lauren Gabrielson -- you'll be able to see those pictures soon on her new website!

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