Sunday, October 10, 2010


Well, not exactly slacking...just very very busy! In a quick review, this past week and a half included sitting in on an NYPD discussion with the Anti-Violence Project about treatment of LGBT people by the police force, a visit to Staten Island for the Coming Out Day Picnic, skin treatment by Dr. Virgil Hatcher at Chelsea Dermatology, cocktail reception at Gracie Mansion where I was able to quickly meet and snap a photo with Mayor Bloomberg, a great hair cut with Marc D'Orsay, the Pencil Program Principal for a Day Luncheon, producing my talent music for Miss America with Jeremy Roberts...AND I worked, did two sets of headshots and spent some time at the gym.  whew!  It was a busy week, but an incredibly productive one.

Yesterday, a few more things happened.  I spent the morning with Kandice Pelletier, Miss NY 2005, for breakfast and a chat and then took a look at a fantastic line of dresses by Lauren Gabrielson.  Lauren is a 22-year old AMAZING designer with great clothes, all custom made to your color choice.  Both Kandice and Lauren were wearing the same dress in two great colors - great shift day to night, casual to dressy - and I'm just stuck on what color I want to get it in!  Lauren would be a fantastic person to have a custom interview dress made by.  I tried on a few dresses that would be really great for that occasion. She has a showroom in Brooklyn, store in Sag Harbor, and website but even more in her line than is displayed there.

Then it was off to the airport to pickup my parents for a fundraiser for A Thousand Moms in the Hamptons.  It was a small group, so if you would like to donate, please visit their website to do so. We had a really nice time visiting with supporters of the organization, and my favorite part, meeting Zoia (sp?).  Let me tell you about this girl.  She's 8 now.  At 7 though, she spoke to the United Nations about proving funds to provide medication to pregnant women with HIV in order to stop the spread to their unborn children. 7. years. old.  Just incredible.  Her moms were delightful to talk with and obviously a huge part of why she had the conviction to speak on such a topic so early. She's a rockstar :)

Simultaneously, it was killing me to not be at Miss Brooklyn/County Queen!  I heard it was a great show and I'm excited to spend time with the new girls!  Congratulations to Miss Brooklyn 2011, Christina Moore (& Overall Talent Winner), and Miss "County Queen" Tara Szczepanski!  Tara's title is yet to be determined based on her residency - I'll keep you updated!  And we'll need to work on how to pronounce that one :)  I met Tara last year at my local when she came to support the local, so I'm happy she's joining us in the New York Organization!  Congratulations to Joelle Bracco and Mallory Hagan for a great year as Miss Brooklyn's OT and Miss Brooklyn!

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    I'm trying to get a haircut with Marc D'Orsey , seems he isn't hat the 5th ave Salon, do you now how I can reach him?