Monday, October 25, 2010

Hospitals, Schools and Institutes...oh my!

On Friday, after finishing my talent music for Miss America with our music producer Jeremy Roberts, I went to Montefiore Children's Hospital in the Bronx to visit with some of the kids. With the theme of the world and the universe, it was a beautiful hospital with tons of murals, photos, artwork, etc. The kids were so excited to meet a queen and try on some crowns. Of course because of their protection, we don't have a lot of photos, but they were able to take some on their phones to show their friends and families.

Saturday, Alison and I went to New York Cares Day where we were two of the 7,000 people who volunteered around New York City simultaneously. Since service and volunteerism has been something so important to our mayor and the city of NY, Mayor Bloomberg appointed the first Chief Service officer, Ms. Billings, who shared something wonderful with us before we began the day. She said the goals is or people to "Use your ____ for the better.". Whatever your talent may be, there is a way for you to use it to make your community better and stronger. Regarding community service, she added, "No longer is it something nice, service is something necessary."

Alison and I spent most of our day refreshing murals on the 5th floor of PS 171M and then around lunch got to head down to help paint the big mural. 16year old Vinnie won a contest in which his design was selected to be painted on the wall of the school. It looked so great! Congrats to Vinnie and thank you to all of the volunteers and Colleen for inviting Alison and I to be part of such a cool day. If you are 18+ and interested in volunteering on any variety of projects with New York Cares, visit to submit an application and sign up for an orientation.  Read the CNN iReport and view pictures from the day HERE.

And lastly, Sunday I was able to head out to Brooklyn with my dear friend Keelie Sheridan, Miss Greater NYC, to the Block Institute's Brightest Star Preliminary Awards Ceremony. The Block Institute is an agency in Brooklyn that serves adults and kids with developmental disabilities. I also got to spend the day with the new Miss Brooklyn, Christina Moore, and together we passed out awards, certificates and medals to the semi-finalists and finalists in categories of achievement, spirit, independence, mastery and more. You could tell that everyone was once again excited to meet the queens; and if you think Miss New York is cool, you should see their reaction to Miss Brooklyn! She's famous!

Great weekend, wrapped up my family dinner with the roommates and excessive Halloween decor that has taken over our apartment in the best way possible.

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