Friday, January 27, 2012

Since June…Where’s Claire?

After Miss New York, I traveled for about six weeks, doing just a few things:
  • Photographed Miss Virginia week
  • Special guest at Miss North Carolina
  •  Judge at Miss Arkansas’ Outstanding Teen
  •  Was accepted to Georgetown University for my Master’s (hello…moving…ah!)
  •  Spent time as a sister/daughter/friend in Indianapolis
  •  Bridesmaid in Hannah (Wright) Neeleman’s wedding (2nd RU NY ’10, ‘11)
  •  Moved to Washington, DC for grad school
  •  Bridesmaid in Ashley (Casterline) Schacht’s wedding (3rd RU IN ’08, 4th RU ’09, 2nd RU ’11)
  •  Bridesmaid in Hannah (Buffie) Dale’s wedding (little sister!!!)
  •  Settled in grad school at Georgetown studying Public Relations and Corporate communications
  •  PFLAG NYC Fall Dinner
  •  Spoke at Out & Equal in Dallas, TX with UBS
  •  Named UBS Pride Americas Advocate of the Year 

So yeah! I’ve been a little busy! It’s been such a great experience post-Miss New York. The bridesmaid thing shows you how the women in this organization become your best friends (Hannah W. and Ashley were my 4th and 5th pageant brides). After much needed family time, I jumped right back into the busy lifestyle that I do best in, just this time in Washington, DC where I’m using my $16,000 in scholarship money at Georgetown. School is fantastic—it truly is a perfect extension of the work I did last year in marketing, brand development and social media—and definitely challenging, but so worth it. I’ll graduate in December 2012 or May 2013 with a Master’s in Public Relations and Corporate Communications. (Shout out to Kaitlin Davis for introducing the program to me!)

I’m still photographing A LOT through my own business ( dabbling in event planning with Paradigm Event Management through Teri Galvez (Miss DC Exec Director). I’m undergoing new website development and expanding my business a bit to include some of the marketing and public relations skills I’m developing in class. Toying around with Clarity Branding by Claire Buffie.

And I’m enjoying lots of time with my Miss America sisters who are here in DC – Miss DC Steph Williams, VA Katie Uze, TX Ashley Melnick, DE Kayla Martell! Love being here with them—so lucky!

After holidays with my family and my very handsome man in Indianapolis (plus a trip to the Dominican Republic-yay!) and an awesome trip to Miss America 2012, I’m back in school for my second semester at Georgetown. I hope you are off to a wonderful start in 2012!

* * *
Since I have finally put up my farewell video that I wanted to share with you all and celebrated Miss America one year later, this will most likely be my final blog post. I want to once again express my deepest and sincere thanks for the support you have given me throughout my year as Miss New York, our fight for equality, and continued encouragement following. I’ll keep fighting if you promise to keep fighting. Peace.