Saturday, July 30, 2011


Ok, so life went on, and blogosphere got stuck in one place for me.  Apologies.  I wanted to still fill you in on what happened at the end of my year as Miss NY. AND, I’m a detail-oriented person and can’t just skip to the Miss NY farewell and reflection part without finishing up the blogs.

Just before I gave up my title, I went to Purchase, NY to speak at the PepsiCo headquarters to celebrate June 1st, the beginning of Pride Month with their LGBT affinity group, EQUAL.  Attending were many more people than just the group – people from their mailing list who came just to hear the talk. Similar to UBS, we talked about normalcy in the workplace – the ability to stop at the copy machine and speak openly about a weekend trip to the Hamptons with your significant other, or the ability to place a framed photo on your desk and not have to say “uhh, yes, that’s my cousin or best friend.”  I loved glancing down at this part of my speech because I was able to recognize Patrice, a woman I had spent some time with before my presentation, who had a framed picture of her and her wife not only on her desk, but facing outward towards those visiting her.  It is such a small thing, but a power statement of equality in the workplace. 

I had a great time a PepsiCo and was introduced further to the need and availability of corporate Diversity and Inclusion job prospective.  As I get ready to go to Georgetown University for my Masters in Public Relations and Corporate Communications, I believe this will prepare me for opportunities in that field.  Thank you to Lori for arranging this appearance, Patrice for wonderful conversation AND my PepsiCo exercise ball, and to all of those who attended and who strive for equality in the workplace at Pepsi.  Oh, and for my honorary softball team membership J

Also, as a little fundraiser for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and furthering our partnership with Costco for Miss New York week sponsorship, Kimberly Cantoni, Miss Liberty, and I signed autographs and took lots of photos at the Staten Island Costco. Yet another way to engage the local community and get them excited for the pageant's new home!

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