Tuesday, November 23, 2010


 Well how bout that...my off-Broadway debut! I had a blast with the cast of My Big Gay Italian Wedding on Thursday night! Everyone in the show has high energy, huge accents, big personalities and were just ridiculously fun! I met Randy Kaplan at the Empire State Pride Agenda fall dinner and that is when they invited me to be in the show. This run was especially special since it was the 100th show! Of course I was a big fan of the content of the show - a family's initial reservation and then complete celebration of Anthony's marriage to Andrew - but in addition, the humor was just right on par. What did I do exactly? Well not too much, just attended the wedding (scene) as a celebrity guest Miss New York, did the tarantella at the reception and said a few words after curtain call about supporting marriage equality with a big ask to support Miss America on ABC on Jan 15 at 9pm!! They said they are going to have a cast party to watch!

In other news, a bit of updates on wardrobe: I've had one visit to Red Carpet Pageant and Prom and tomorrow I head over to their Sewell location for my off-night gown and hopefully another cocktail dress or two. And Kathy Lettiere from A Touch of Grace in Watertown has graciously offered to send me to Miss America in LaFemme style with a few dresses. I have such great sponsors! And the big dress? It should be arriving soon from Regalia. Swimsuit order is in and dance costume is in the works.... Whew! Lots to finish in 6 weeks!

>>> NEW -  In one trip to Red Carpet on Tuesday, I basically finished my entire wardrobe! yahoooo!!!

Badges are in and NY turned in a record number of 58 badges this year. And the number of tickets goes way beyond that. Thank you all for your incredible support and even more so to those who are making the trek to Las Vegas for the big show!!

And remember when I went to Beth Israel Pediatric Unit for Halloween?  Well they sent over some great pictures!

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